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Meet Jodeme Goldhar
Principal & CEO

Jodeme’s passion is convening opportunities, building capabilities, and inspiring those in health and social systems to work together to realize the potential of the collective to achieve population health and wellbeing. 


Jodeme serves as a catalyst to support large-scale human transformative change and ensures change opportunities are co-designed.  


Jodeme is a systems-level leadership coach, breakthrough facilitator, and recipient of the National Catalyst for Change Award from the Universal Women’s Network and The National Chambers of Commerce, recognized as one of the top 10 women changing healthcare in Canada from Patient Commando and the two-time recipient of the Ontario’s Ministers of Health Medal Honoring Quality and Safety for her work in integrated care.



Vice Chair, Board of Directors


Strategic Advisor; Health Leadership Academy
Co-Director, National Health Fellows Program
Co-Director, Collaborative Health Governance Program

Guiding Transformation through Radical Collaboration

Jodeme thrives in the realm of community, systems, and groups, where shared visions are crafted to confront the formidable challenges and pressures that confront our society today. With a profound understanding of the evolving landscape, Jodeme champions the imperative for organizations and communities to embrace complexity, seizing opportunities to seamlessly integrate and intersect with others, thereby weaving together enhanced services and transformative experiences.

Pioneering Population Health and Wellness

In Jodeme's perspective, the attainment of population health and wellness necessitates a collective commitment, a combined endeavor, and above all, a radical collaboration that spans communities and systems. She recognizes the pivotal role of high-performing integrated healthcare systems, and the realization that integration blooms from partnerships with clients, caregivers, and health and social care practitioners. This collaborative design and delivery of health and wellbeing promises underpin her work, stemming from a profound depth of experience within the system.

A Legacy of Transformative Change

With over 25 years of dedication to health and social care, as well as health policy, Jodeme Goldhar shines on local, national, and international stages. As the Co-Founder of IFIC Canada and the North American Centre for Integrated Care at the University of Toronto's Dalla Lana School of Public Health, she cultivates spaces for integrated care to flourish. Notably, her role as a Strategic Advisor, Capability Builder, Convenor, and breakthrough Facilitator resonates with her passion for transformation.

A Catalyst for Empowerment

Jodeme's journey extends far beyond individual influence; her commitment lies in fostering large-scale capacity-building and fostering impactful change on multi-organizational terrains. Her affiliation with the International Foundation for Integrated Care, her position as Adjunct Faculty at the University of Toronto's Institute for Health Policy, Management and Evaluation, and her role within the Health Leadership Academy at McMaster University underscore her dedication to shaping the future of health and care leadership capability for impact.

Celebrating Impact

Jodeme's achievements are a testament to her profound impact. The recipient of the Universal Woman’s Network national ‘Catalyst for Change’ award, her nomination by the communities she collaborates with speaks to her legacy of enabling integration and enhancing population health.

In her pursuit of radical collaboration, Jodeme Goldhar stands as a beacon, championing collective transformation and driving forward the promise of seamless, impactful healthcare services.


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