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Learn together, Unlearn together,
Grow together, to have Impact together


Guiding Transformation through
Radical Collaboration for Collective Impact

At 4C Impact, Jodeme Goldhar and her associates
support people, teams, organizations, and networks working in health and care
by convening, coaching and building capability to meet complexity 
and achieve breakthrough for collective impact!







About Jodeme Goldhar

Jodeme’s passion is convening opportunities, building capabilities, and inspiring those in health and social systems to work together to realize the potential of the collective to achieve population health and wellbeing. 

She serves as a catalyst to support large-scale human transformative change and ensures change opportunities are co-designed.  

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is the correction

"The session totally hit the spot in terms of fundamentals that we needed to be reminded of at this stage of our journey. It really couldn’t have gone any better"

Director of Transformation, Ontario

Connect with Jodeme

Explore the possibilities of radical collaboration and transformative change.

Connect with Jodeme Goldhar to embark on a journey of innovation, integration, and empowerment.

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